Cormorant Catamaran

Cormorant catamaran is one the finest yachts that can take you around this enigmatic archipelago, without missing out what lies on the way. One of the most deluxe of Galapagos catamarans, Cormorant offers the optimum comfort, luxury and much more in an expedition cruise.

The luxurious craftmanship is reflected by the unparalleled decor. From the enormous Sun Deck featuring a classy jacuzzi to a sumptuous dining area lying indoors and outdoors, the yacht is a bliss. Al fresco dining is a whole new luxury experience famous for mouth watering buffet style dinners.

Allowing various assortment of cabin styles to choose from namely- 2 suit cabins with private balconies and a lounge on the main deck, 5 standard type cabins on the main deck as well as the upper deck and a standard double cabin on the upper deck, the yacht is a luxurious abode in the Pacific.

Gliding across the Pacific waves , taking glimpse of whales and dolphins from across a distance becomes fun under the hood of Cormorant that whirls through the waves speedily providing a comfortable and deluxe ride.

Luxury Class Catamaran

From $4,375.00